VTTA Rocco Memorial 25

Ali News

2nd October 2016

VTTA Rocco memorial 25 this morning on H25/1. I was hoping to make top 10 but came out as 14th on standard, 1:02:12 with an average power of 174 watts and a CdA of roughly 0.1760, which is slightly lower than I get when I test at Hillingdon in race kit, but then there is no traffic at Hillingdon.
Very pleased with the time, it is at the faster end of my expectations. Probably would have got me a 59 on H25/2. I must have tried harder than usual as my quads are really sore !!
Next up, circuit championships in two weeks time.
Here’s a pdf with a copy of the aero analysis ….

Click here to view the latest aero report PDF