Bambino, Nopinz, high position

Testing Race Set-up from Last Sunday

Rob News

4th October 2016

Another good morning for testing, early before the wind got up. Tested my race set-up from last Sunday (Nopinz skin suit and trip socks) with the AeroHead helmet and then the Bambino. When I used the Nopinz skin suit and trip socks at the Cambridge Chrono earlier in the year my CdA came out a bit higher than expected, even taking into account that it was a traffic free closed road event. In hindsight, I probably underestimated the Crr for the Chrono.

Testing today the Nopinz skin suit and trip socks produce the same CdA value as my HWCC RT skin suit with no trip socks, so maybe the HWCC RT skin suit is marginally “quicker”. I’ll have to test that directly against the Nopinz skin suit at some point. I’ve tested the AeroHead and the Bambino in A-B-A-B tests three times now. They test with the same CdA on me, but I haven’t tried a trip on the AeroHead yet. The main advantage of the AeroHead is better frontal visibility when in my aero position, the minor disadvantage is that the fit isn’t quite as snug and stable as the Bambino.

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