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Mark Florence Cycling Time Trial Podcast

Rob News

A few weeks ago I was invite to participate in one of Mark Florence’s series of Cycling Time Trial Podcasts.

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One of the questions that came up was how did I come up with the name “FloatAero”?

When I was think about a name for the service I started from my existing web site address for Formic Intelligent Training Labs – – and thought about using that. Then I thought about how the testing is actually done, in the open air. In the electronics industry we used to do testing for Electromagnetic Interference using something called an Open Area Test Site, OATS. Formic Intelligent Training Labs has often been shortened to just Formic Labs (like, so then I progressed to “Formic Labs Open Area Testing” with the acronym “FLOAT” – and what we do is Aero Testing, hence FloatAero.