Testing Aero Helmets at Redbridge Cycle Centre

Specialized Sworks TT

Kask Bambino

Giro AeroHead

Uvex FP2 (no longer in production)

Giro Aerohead


Ventus II bars, Zipp 110mm S-bends, TriRig brakes. Elbow cups and pads from Zipp Vuka Clip-on extensions.
The separate mount allows them to be fitted behind the usual position for better support and a more comfortable and sustainable position.

Trek Madone

Trek Madone with the original RaceLite wheels, comes in at about 0.3600
with road kit and a road helmet, that’s riding on the hoods.

Specialized Transition

TT bike with basic equipment, unbranded 50mm deep section wheels, Vision basebar, comes in at about 0.2100.

Cervelo S3

Cervelo S3 with 303FC wheels, Aerotunda bars, TriRig aero brakes, more aero road helmet and hidden cables comes in at about 0.3000, again, on the hoods.

Cervelo P3

Cervelo P3 with a Zipp Super 9 disk, a Zipp 808 NSW on the front, TriRig aero brakes, Ventus II base bar Di2 with hidden cables, comes in at about 0.1750