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Consulting with Notio

Rob Aero Tips, News

Good morning all – just to let you know that I am now working with Notio as a freelance consultant –

Extension additions ..

Rob Aero Tips, Equipment

We have seen some dramatic developments in extension design in the past 12 months. A team mate of mine did some experimentation with foam and heat shrink. I copied him using balsa wood (!)

Aero testing road bike riding positions

Rob Aero Tips

The main purpose of this test was to gather data using an AeroPd (air speed) to compare to Garmin data (wheel speed). I failed the upload test for the data recorded on the AeroPod.

Aero testing at Minet Park

Rob Aero Tips, Venue

I set out compare my ENVE 7.8 front with a 5000 TL to my older 808 with a Conti TT and a Tubolito tube. The results weren’t quite what I expected.

Aero testing at Welwyn 2019

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I wanted to compare the CdA of my current “tall and narrow” position to the low position that I used in the 2014 season, to see if it would be worthwhile doing another six months, over the winter, re-adapting to a low riding position.

Uvex Race 8 versus Met Drone

Rob Aero Tips, Equipment

I hadn’t had the opportunity to test the Met Drone against the Race 8 until recently. I did one set of tests before our club circuit TT last Wednesday and another set of tests today. The results were consistent within the margin of error.

Updated Aerolab User Guide ….

Rob Aero Tips

Now available without the need to email …. … and if you are wondering what the illustration is, one of the bar end plugs is a dummy and the other is a toggle switch for my eTap rear mech., both cables are in the same extension, therefore no need for an exposed cable to the blip box.

Boardman Wind Tunnel Experience

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Having done extensive “Open Area Testing” at multiple venues, and cross-calibrated them, I’ve always wanted to validate my field-testing results directly with results from a wind tunnel session. The Wind Tunnel at the Boardman Performance Centre has made this more affordable, so I booked a session.

Options for the front end

Rob Aero Tips, Equipment

If you go to an event and observe the riders on time trial machines you will see a wide range of front end positions. Getting the most efficient position for both aero performance and power production is the Holy Grail. In this post I attempt to give some structure to the process of finding that position ….