Evolution of a time trial position

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I came back to Time Trialling around 2009 using my Trek Madone road bike. I was slower than I was when I was 16. I started to look at way to get faster without spending too much money. That worked up to a point but I soon got bitten by the bug and started to “invest” …

Consulting with Notio

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Good morning all – just to let you know that I am now working with Notio as a freelance consultant – https://notio.ai/blogs/blog/notio-now-offering-virtual-one-on-one-aero-optimization-consultation

Extension additions ..

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We have seen some dramatic developments in extension design in the past 12 months. A team mate of mine did some experimentation with foam and heat shrink. I copied him using balsa wood (!)

Aero testing road bike riding positions

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The main purpose of this test was to gather data using an AeroPd (air speed) to compare to Garmin data (wheel speed). I failed the upload test for the data recorded on the AeroPod.

An Alternative CP20 test ….

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I have found that pacing the 20-minute test can be quite tricky, so I have devised an alternative 20-minute test that is a combination of a step ramp test and the 20-minute test.

Aero testing at Minet Park

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I set out compare my ENVE 7.8 front with a 5000 TL to my older 808 with a Conti TT and a Tubolito tube. The results weren’t quite what I expected.

Aero testing at Welwyn 2019

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I wanted to compare the CdA of my current “tall and narrow” position to the low position that I used in the 2014 season, to see if it would be worthwhile doing another six months, over the winter, re-adapting to a low riding position.

Uvex Race 8 versus Met Drone

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I hadn’t had the opportunity to test the Met Drone against the Race 8 until recently. I did one set of tests before our club circuit TT last Wednesday and another set of tests today. The results were consistent within the margin of error.

Pinarello Winter set-up

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My focus in the winter months is on training and preparation for the next season. Most of my training is highly structured workouts on the turbo, however, I do get out and do some real world riding occasionally, and this is the bike I am using at the moment ……