Getting Aero

“in a Nutshell”

Or how to go faster with
the same average power

When a cyclist is going faster than 30 kph air resistance is the main force that needs to be overcome to go faster.

Getting “aero” is an easy way to go faster without increasing your average power, or faster still if you combine an aero advantage with a structured programme that increases your functional threshold power.

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Getting Aero isn’t just for time trial riders and triathletes. There is also an advantage to be gained by Road Racers and sportive riders.
Roughly speaking it takes five watts of power to overcome every 50g of drag which equates to roughly 0.005 units of CdA or 0.0005 units of rolling resistance.
If a rider can lower their CdA by 0.020 units, they are effectively gaining 20 watts of power.
If a rider can lower the rolling resistance of their tubes and tyres by 0.001 units, they are effectively gaining 10 watts of power.
It doesn’t really matter what your base level of power is, a 30 watt gain is still worth having, however, the lower your base power the more you gain in percentage terms.
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I rode my first time trial in 1965. We didn’t really think much about aero back then. Times have changed. Getting aero is now as important as increasing your average power. There have been tremendous technical advances in equipment e.g. frames and wheels, but tri bars are probably the most significant. Getting your body position optimised, so that it works with your aero helmet, is probably the most significant gain you can make.


Going to a wind tunnel is the “quick fix” for getting aero but not everybody can do that. Our philosophy is one of progressive refinement. You will test over a period of four to six weeks, repeating the tests of the “good position” on different days to ensure that the position works in variable conditions.


Our program is educational as well as functional. It revolves around six testing sessions. You can test when it suits you and record up to three hours of test data per session. We analyse the test data and produce a report for each session. We work with you to define testing protocols and selecting a suitable test venue. At the end of the program you will have the know-how to continue testing on your own.

How Does It Work?

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