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Who is Float Aero?
I rode my first club evening 10 TT at 14. A year later I managed a 26:34 on the same course. The next time I rode a 10TT was 2007. I was 66, different course, over 30 minutes. So why so slow?

I started to look at the people doing faster times. Their bikes looked nothing like mine. That’s when I started to learn about the importance of aerodynamics. Over the next 15 years I got faster and faster whilst getting older and older.

In 2021 I recorded 35:39 for a 15 mile TT, that’s just over 25mph, and I won an age group medal at the CTT Circuit Championships at Thruxton. Both of those with an average power of 190 watts and a CdA of around 0.1850. That’s the importance of aerodynamics in time trialling. If you want to learn more, read on...

Getting more "aero" is an easy way to go faster without increasing your average power, or faster still if you combine an aero advantage with structured training that increases your power.

This website is primarily educational. I do offer video analysis, aero data analysis and one-to-one zoom sessions.

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