We hold ourselves to high standards at Float Aero. So much so that we have many happy people
who would thoroughly recommend us and our advice. Here are some of our latest comments we have received:

Paul Elcock – GSHenley

“The aero testing session at Reading Velodrome with Rob was truly eye opening. The data feedback gives unequivocal answers as to what is faster, what works and what doesn’t work. But it’s the sum of these positive incremental adjustments and equipment changes that really blew my mind.”
“I jumped on Rob’s P3 at the end of my testing session (we are close enough in fit), and I went from riding a laboured 43km/h on my bike, to flicking though the gears past 43km/h on Rob’s, still accelerating effortlessly…… I eventually found something solid to work against at around 48km/h! To do that on my TT set up would take a VO2 max type effort, whereas on Rob’s set up I’m confident that I could hold the power level and speed for over 20 minutes. Hello 30mph+ rides! Time to save up, and I know where to start now.”

Peter Harrison – GSHenley

“At the end of the 2015 season I knew I needed to get a lot faster in order to be competitive. I wasn’t sure if I could train any harder, so my thoughts turned to aerodynamics. A mutual friend put me in touch with Rob / FloatAero. We did a few sessions at Reading velodrome and fairly quickly improved my CdA from around 0.2800 to 0.2400. I have since PB’d at every distance during 2016. As a comparison, my 2015 vs 2016 times on the H50/8 (1:49:43 vs 1:42:59), H100/8 (3:45:50 vs 3:30:22) and H12/8 (292miles vs 311miles) show that being aero definitely works!”

Simon Barbour GS Henley (Photograph by Craigzad)

Rob advised me on aero testing and interpreting the results in 2016. I took my 10 mile PB from 22:37 (Bentley) to 20:01 (F11/10), and took more than six minutes off my 25 mile PB bringing it down from a 58 (H25/1 Bath Road) to 51:21 (R25/3H). Some of the gain was from riding faster courses but taking my CdA down from 0.2900 to 0.2225 certainly played a big part.

Chris Hutchinson – Team Madigan

“After focusing solely on my power output for too long and ignoring half of the equation, optimising my aerodynamics has seen my personal best times tumble.
Position and equipment choices are individual and need continual refinement, long term. Using FloatAero’s robust systematic approach has seen my times improve almost race after race, whilst putting out the same power!”