Independant Service

It really doesn’t matter where
you are in the world, this works

Our Service Plan

Just a very simple “One Step at a Time” plan.

This allows you to choose where we start, and how you want to go forward, with as many sessions as you, the client, feels that you need. Each session is charged at a fixed price of £65.00.

We can start from square one, with a set-up and equipment review, or from the analysis of your own race files or test session files.

This is a Geographically Independent Service, available World Wide.

Set-up and Equipment Review Most Popular


Fixed Price
  • We will analyse your bike set-up, equipment and riding position from videos, photographs and descriptions that you provide
  • We will suggest potential improvements in our written response
  • We will offer you a Skype call to discuss the options
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Venue Selection / Test Protocols / File Analysis


Fixed Price
  • We will help you identified a suitable testing venue
  • We’ll work with you to produce a test schedule
  • We will analyse the data and produce a report
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FloatAero On-Site Custom Service


Fixed Price
  • FloatAero attend the test venue with the client
  • Additional helmets and wheels available to test
  • Environmental data / air density recorded on-site
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Further Information

Making Videos

It’s very easy to take video “footage” these days using a Smart Phone. Ideally, we want to see side-on and head-on video, each clip about 30 seconds long, of you, in full racing kit, on your race bike, in position, on your turbo or rollers.

An example of the type of video can be seen below:

Venue Selection

Ideally, the test venue would be a traffic free velodrome or cycle circuit. The next best thing is a flat loop circuit of between 500 metres and 1km with a consistent road surface. Loops work better than out and back “half-pipes” because of the repeated laps without braking, shifting or power surges.

Test Protocols

Ideally, each test run will be a minimum of five laps of usable data, with one “out-lap” to reach a stable speed, and one “in-lap” at the end of the run.
We work with you to produce a list of what you will be testing, optimised to minimise mechanical changes. We will include repeat tests / benchmarks in the process as a data quality check.

On-Site Service

We now offer a service where we attend the test venue with the client. With this service the client can use our collections of helmets and wheels as part of their testing without the need for purchase. We also deploy our own environmental recording equipment on-site. This service is charged at a rate of £65.00 per hour with the client paying any additional charges levied for hire / rental by the venue.


Some venues are free to use, open air velodromes usually charge around £6.00 per hour for non-exclusive use, and around £50.00 per hour for exclusive use.


For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!