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VTTA Rocco Memorial 25

Ali News

2nd October 2016 VTTA Rocco memorial 25 this morning on H25/1. I was hoping to make top 10 but came out as 14th on standard, 1:02:12 with an average power of 174 watts and a CdA of roughly 0.1760, which is slightly lower than I get when I test at Hillingdon in race kit, but then there is no traffic …

Front end of P3 161006

Progression from CdA 0.2400 to CdA 0.1750

Rob Equipment

When I came back to time trialing in 2011 I was using an old low-end Pinarello road frame with a SRAM S60 front wheel and a FFWD disk. I’ve gain about 40 watts of FTP since then, but I’ve also gained about 65 virtual watts by reducing my CdA. I achieved my goals of under the hour for a 25TT …