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Two venues

Cross-calibrating test venues

Rob Aero Tips

I find it quite useful to have some idea of what my wind tunnel numbers might be. One way to do this is to cross-calibrate test venues with a trace back to a wind tunnel result.

Michelin latex tube

Wheel and tyre comparisons

Rob Equipment

Some pretty basic wheel and tyre comparisons – I’m limited by the availability of wheels and testing equipment, but …..

KCNC Jockey Wheels

Drive Train Options

Rob Equipment

I guess we’ve all heard of drive train losses and drive train efficiency. There was a blog post on “keeping it clean” 13th October 2016. I’ve talked to a few people since then, and picked up some interesting tips.

Find the wires

Cervelo P3 TriRig upgrade………….

Rob Uncategorised

Upgrade of a Cervelo P3 with TriRig Alpha X base bar and riser kit, with the extension clamp tilt option, fully installed with Di2 extension shifters and Di2 brake lever shifters. No more difficult to install than any other aero base bar I’ve experienced.

First set of runs

Newport Velodrome Report

Rob News

I book a three hour slot at Newport Velodrome twice a year. I use these to validate my “open field” test results and to refine options. I book November and February as a rule, something to do with the weather. It gets a bit too cold to test in a skin suit once the clocks go back.


Training planner and PMC spreadsheet

Rob News

Not an aero post this week. I thought I’d share the Excel spreadsheet that I use to plan and record my training and events schedule. I’ve just updated it to run from November 1st 2016 to the end of 2017.

Composite picture

GPS speed or dedicated speed sensor?

Rob Equipment

What we need when aero testing is reliable speed and power data. A speed sensor working properly will be more repeatable than speed derived from GPS data. The speed and distance recorded will also be more accurate if the wheel circumference is set-up correctly.

A43 TT

Three Open Area Testing Scenarios

Rob Aero Tips

In an ideal world, all our testing would be undertaken at a velodrome with no other riders using the track. In the real world, we don’t always have that luxury. Here we look at the characteristics of using three different types of venue.

Clean sprockets and chain

The importance of a clean drive train

Rob Equipment

Grimy drive trains are sticky and they absorb power. Why waste power when you’ve invested in aero gains? So before every important event I remove the chain, the mech., and the cassette, and clean them all thoroughly. I clean the chain ring on the bike. I lubricate the mech on the work bench and then re-fit it …… ….. then …